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Get to know Lock and Key Confectionery

It's been a busy and exciting few weeks since first launching Lock and Key Confectionery!

I wanted to take the time and thank everyone for checking out the website, and following on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

And a HUGE thanks to those who have already placed orders and shared their comments. It means so much that you all are enjoying the chocolates! I also wanted to introduce Lock and Key Confectionery a bit more...


Why the name?

Since the launch, the most frequent question I've been asked is about the name. The simple response is that I named it after a song. To say I love music would be a huge understatement - all of our current flights and color sets are named after some of my favorite songs - but the song Lock and Key stood out and seemed to fit for a few reasons. 

I think that life is full of locks or challenges we come up against, but there are also keys that can help us get through those tough moments. Keys come in lots of different forms, a good friend, a great song, or in a sweet box of chocolate. Those keys get you through the hard times and make the challenges in life seem a bit less scary. 

So as I continue to share some of the chocolates and confectionery treats Lock and Key is creating, I will also be sharing more of the keys that are inspiring me and hopefully they'll inspire you too!  

Happy Sunday!

Samantha B.

Lock and Key Confectionery